eBook Price: $29

No bulky props, no need for complicated setups.
Arrive to any stage and perform without any need of a briefcase
Simple props, everything in your pockets
New unpublished routines
A modern take of Annemann-Complete One Man Act

Welcome to the "No Briefcase Act". In this eBook you will learn a full 15-20 minutes act that you can add to your toolkit and repertoire and being able to travel light and be prepared in unexpected situations without losing impact.

You will not just learn the effects but also the psychology in being a "stand up performer", offering charisma and presence.

Table of Content:

1. Massive Opener: Involve everyone and open your act with a powerful piece of prediction.
2. Serendipity Deck: Two jokers in a deck of cards predict with permanent marker the named card... ALWAYS. NO sleight of hand. (you can buy the needed cards at Arkanosophy HERE)
3. EZ Test Conditions: A mindreading piece using "test conditions" that allow you to create a secure and beautiful full peek without complications 
4. Dramatic Book Test: A memorable and photogenic prediction that you can carry in your pockets.

• • •